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I was no longer able to differentiate a dream from reality.

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For a long while now I’ve been experiencing some truly sublime dreams. Around the age of 23 I bought a little journal and avidly decided to write down each vivid dream I had as soon as I woke up. Several years following I continued to do so until quite recently I stopped. I was no longer able to differentiate a dream from reality. Both worlds felt like a dream in which I was completely aware of my breathing and fully aware of my conduct in any environment I found myself in. The only small difference is, I’m flying around publicly in one than the other..lol

Photographic references are a necessary guide for me when developing tangible visual ideas to draw from. But my original point of creative development is usually formed first in a vivid dream – the source of all my artistic creativity.

During the process of creation, reference photos become less relevant and later abandoned. There’s a flow which happens naturally and organically when I’m in the zone drawing. So much so that before tangible references and concepts were established, the initial depicted expression of a subject model seen in a dream illuminates and reveals the true image I wanted to capture in the first place.

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