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In collaboration with the amazing W1 Curates my “Biggest” and most “Public” exhibition is now Live...

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In collaboration with the amazing W1 Curates my “Biggest” and most “Public” exhibition is now Live on display 24 hrs a day in Oxford Street, London till 9th August 2020!

I am showcasing a selection of influential black individuals I have drawn in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The portraits feature across three storeys on the Flannels shop front on Oxford Street, London, one of the world’s biggest permanent digital public art installations.

I would like to thank Mark Dale who is the founder of W1 Curates for giving me this tremendous platform to showcase my art. Up to half a million people daily will get to see my art within the next 2 weeks on Flannels Fashion in Oxford Street. It’s mind blowing to know that what I practiced in silence for many years is now out on display for so many to see.

“From Tottenham to Oxford Street” is all I’ve been hearing my loved ones tell me the past week..

If you happen to have grown up in London, UK and lived in areas like Tottenham, then you could probably understand what my friends and family meant by “From Tottenham to Oxford Street”.

In eyes of society Tottenham had been seen as a “deprived” place to live. An area where one would assume that your chances of becoming a well known established citizen in society was slim to none. But my journey and countless others who have been brought up in an area like Tottenham has proved that all you need to do is follow your heart, act on your passions and disregard anyone or anything that tries to limit your potential.

The portraits I’m displaying here in this exhibition are of close family members as well as famous public figures – all who has been of major influence and inspiration to me.

In various ways, each individual I have drawn has shaped my journey in areas of art, spirituality and philosophy.

In the current climate we are in, the particular portraits I have selected to showcase are of people I feel are representatives of the Black Lives Matter movement. They have all contributed to society in ways I feel has offered inspiration and a fresh perspective on how people of black ethnic backgrounds are seen.

Although this project is predominantly shedding light on the BLM movement, my art is not solely based on this. I draw people from all walks of life. I believe that art can be experienced and appreciated by every being no matter what your background is. This particular opportunity has allowed me to speak on a pressing matter at hand and I hope that it can inspire change in whatever capacity.

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