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I received an email from a BAFTA Award winning UK production company called Chatterbox.

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BBC One Extraordinary Portraits 1

Last year September 2021, I received an email from a BAFTA Award winning UK production company called Chatterbox. Enclosed in the email was a beautiful written invitation to be filmed for a new TV series called Extraordinary Portraits. The show will explore the art of portrait making. It will see everyday heroes from the general public being immortalised in art by 6 artists (including myself) – exploring a portraiture’s ability to communicate without words.

BBC One Extraordinary Portraits 2

The amazing Tinie (formerly known as Tinie Tempah) is the host of the six-part series which airedon Monday 28th February 2022. His job was to match members of the public with extraordinary stories to a selection of distinctive and celebrated portrait artists. We, the artists, were then challenged to turn these personal and powerful experiences into compelling portraits.

I was beyond honoured to accept the invitation! It came at such a divine time in my career as an artist. The whole experience was magical! In four months I end up capturing a drawing of one of the most inspirational beings I have ever encountered. A 96 percent burn victim survivor by the name of Catrin Pugh. I can’t wait for you all to watch this episode and all the others from some truly great artist! My episode will air Sunday 20th March at 6.30pm (GMT).

I would like to end this very long newsletter (hopefully enjoyed) by sending my condolences to any of you who have been affected or have any loved ones affected by the war currently happening in Europe. It seems so unreal to know that something like this can be happening in this day and age. May peace be with us all.

K x

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