Who is Kelvin Okafor

Kelvin Okafor is an artist with an extraordinary talent.

Using only a pencil, he captures the likeness of a person’s face with such precision that you could be forgiven for believing you are looking at a photograph.

But Kelvin does so much more than that.

His portraits capture the character and essence of his subjects – and bring them vividly to life. That’s why his work has been praised for its “emotional realism”.

Since the age of eight, Kelvin has dedicated his life to the development of his gift, and has created an incredibly impressive and diverse body of work. Now you can savour the fruits of his labour in several different ways.

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Learn to draw lifelike portraits like Kelvin.

The best online drawing courses and webinars to learn the techniques and understand the fundamentals.

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Fall back in love with drawing again. Develop your creative abilities through following my step-by-step tutorials.


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If you are inspired…

As well as being an award-winning artist, Kelvin is also an educator. He has created a series of online modules that will enable you to delve into your creativity and produce portraits using strokeless, blended tones. Visit our Education page to learn more.

Media Quotes

Estelle Lovatt - Art Critic
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Okafor’s work goes beyond being just ‘photo-realist’ drawings, and instead coins the term ‘emotional realism’ to describe the affective nature of his artwork.
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If you think your eyes are deceiving you -- they probably are. Artist Kelvin Okafor's portraits are not monochrome photographs but intricate drawings etched using the humble pencil
The Guardian
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Kelvin Okafor is a miraculous artist. If Leonardo da Vinci was alive today and he saw what Okafor has achieved with pencil, paper and a bit of charcoal, he would recognise a talent well worthy of his respect – a brother in art. So would the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer, or the Baroque genius Caravaggio
Portraits of Perfection - Daily Mail
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Kelvin Okafor Takes Our Breath Away With His Incredibly Detailed Portraits” Huffpost
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Art genuis' incredible pencil drawing of pop siren…How does he do it? That's the puzzling question anyone who sees one of celebrated artist Kelvin Okafor's incredible drawings asks themselves

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