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Why Kelvin loves to visit schools and lay foundations for creative learning

“When I was growing up, I had no idea that you could make a living as an artist. No artists came to visit my peers and me in school to share the story of their journey. And there were no artists in my family or friendship groups to inspire me.
“Now that I am in the fortunate position of being an artist in society’s eyes, I feel obliged to share my journey with others. I hope I can plant a seed of courage in the heart of a young, creative person that inspires them to pursue their love of art.”


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Assembly talks


– An hour talk with a school assembly

– Kelvin showcases a selection of his art with students during or after his speech

School tour visits


– Half Day

– Kelvin visits classes around the school to share the story of how he was introduced to art

– He showcases examples of his drawings and talks through the process of their creation

School workshop demonstrations


– 2/3 of the day

– Kelvin conducts a 30-minute drawing workshop with each class

– This consists of Kelvin demonstrating his techniques while students observe and discuss

School student workshop + assembly


– Full day

– Kelvin shares his artistic journey in school assembly

– Students take part in a drawing workshop class

– Kelvin gives a 20-minute demonstration, after which students have the opportunity to practise his techniques

Online private classes (for under-17s)


– One hour

Kelvin Okafor School Visit

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