Full Portrait Course (Modules 1-6)

Full Portrait Course (Modules 1-6)

In this Full Portrait Study, students have lifetime access to all 6 Academy modules – Eye, Ear, Lip, Nose, Hair and Neck and Shoulders.

Students learn how to draw different facial and bodily features which provide the foundation for drawing a full portrait.




In this online Academy I intend to help people fall back in love with drawing again. Living in a digital era many of us are slowly moving away from expressing ourselves artistically with humble instruments such as a pencil.

In these Academy modules I offer an in-depth look into my creative process. Sharing my techniques on how I achieve a lifelike drawing using the materials demonstrate with. I also provide the opportunity for a student to develop their creative abilities through following my step-by-step tutorials which include a voiceover of me explaining my techniques progress in the drawing.

Once the student has completed all the videos within the module, they will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’. This module is a great opportunity for the student to apply my techniques demonstrated and create their own version of the drawing they watched in the module.


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