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I am pleased to announce the launch of their new Kelvin Okafor Art website

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Kelvin Okafor and Kelvin Okafor Art UK Limited are pleased to announce the launch of their new website https://kelvinokaforart.com.

The website is the exclusive portal for acquiring artwork and literature produced by Kelvin, and for enrolling on courses designed and presented by Kelvin. The launch of the website coincides with there being new management of Kelvin following the ending of Kelvin and Kelvin Okafor Art UK Limited’s previous management with Dwight Okechukwu. Please note, Mr Okechukwu no longer represents or is connected in any way with Kelvin or Kelvin Okafor Art UK Limited and any future enquiries regarding Kelvin or Kelvin Okafor Art UK Limited should be directed to info@kelvinokaforart.com where a member of Kelvin’s team will respond to your enquiry.

This is a new and exciting chapter in Kelvin’s life as his artistic journey continues. A journey which Kelvin wishes to share with you and please do visit the new website https://kelvinokaforart.com which is the sole and exclusive platform for Kelvin Okafor.

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