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6 weeks after the official launch of the Kelvin Okafor Art Academy...

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Kelvin Okafor Art Academy: Module 2 – Lips Study – Has Been Released

6 weeks after the official launch of the Kelvin Okafor Art Academy, I am incredibly proud and grateful to have released the second online course.

I have, alongside my team, worked incredibly hard to take on board the feedback we received on my new website and Trust Pilot, to bring some truly great changes to the second module.

Module 2: Lips Study includes 8 hours of real-time video footage of me drawing a pair of lips and teeth. To ensure the course is broken down into more manageable stages, I carefully designed the course to be split into 5 sections:

Video 1 (Introduction and Materials)
In this video I highlight all the materials I will be using in the drawing. I demonstrate how I create compressed charcoal shaving and how I apply it in my drawings.

Video 2. (Outlining)
In this video I show you how I create my proportions using freehand. I demonstrate and elaborate on the importance of the specified tools use to map out an outline – creating the foundation to build upon.

Video 3 (Layering)
In this portion of the drawing process I demonstrate how I build up layers creating lifelike tonal values. This part of my drawing process is the most important with achieving a photo-real depiction of a subject.

Video 4 (Lips & Teeth Details)
In this stage of the drawing process, I demonstrate how I apply details to the lips and teeth. This part of the drawing process is what brings out the life in the subject. Slowly and meticulously I work into details creating forms and textures – creating the hyper-real effect.

Video 5 (Highlights & Finishing Touches)
In this last portion of the drawing process I finish working on the details of the bottom lip and I also go back to restructure certain shapes, tonal values and details. In this stage of the process I highlight the drawing tools I use to achieve highlights within the drawing. I go back to certain areas of the drawing to remeasure proportions and fine-tune the balance light and reflection.

In addition, we have added transcripts, making the course accessible globally, irrespective of your spoken language. This allows the student to translate the transcript into their chosen language and use this to aid their learning experience.

The course also includes my official signed print of the pair of lips and teeth I drew for this course. This print is downloadable and accompanies the certificate of authenticity!

If you have any questions about the course and online webinars, please email: academy@kelvinokaforart.com and we will be happy to assist you further.

To find out more, click the image 🙂

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