King Balthazar at Bruce Castle Museum!

Firstly, a big warm virtual hug to all of you! It's been quite a surreal year to say the least.

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Firstly, a big warm virtual hug to all of you! It’s been quite a surreal year to say the least. A lot has taken place within my art life. From new series of portrait drawings to traveling to new places in the world. Thank you for hanging around and following this crazy journey of mine. I love and appreciate you all!

Earlier this year I was commissioned by The Parochial Church Council of St Bartholomew on Stamford, London to draw one of the Wise Men Balthazar from the Biblical Magi. Balthazar was one of the Wise Men who gave the gift of Myrrh to Christ at Birth. I was so thrilled to embark on this project.

The composition of the drawing was exploring the moment Balthazar sees the Christ Child and pays homage. I was pleased when my old classmate from secondary school, Darcy Pelovangu, accepted my request for modeling him as King Balthazar. As soon as I was given the idea of what Balthazar would look like, my friend immediately came to mind. It was quite the coincidence to know he played King Balthazar at his school play as a child.

A big shout out to all my St Ignatius Brethrens! A.M.D.G!

Drawn on a scale of 100 x 70cm (39 x 28in) on Lambeth Drawing Cartridge Paper 170gsm. Medium: Graphite/Charcoal/Black colour pencil

It’s quite the honour to know that this drawing will be the 21st century interpretation of King Balthazar as a young African man.

This drawing will be exhibited among 700 years of Art, Crafts & Architecture from Haringey Churches at Bruce Castle Museum in London.
The exhibitions runs from 12th July to 4th October 2015. Wednesday to Sunday – 1pm to 5pm . Entrance Free.


Bruce Castle Museum
Lordship Lane
N17 8NU.
For more information: http://www.behindsacreddoors.org/

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