John Lennon

Medium: Graphite & Charcoal pencils on paper – 73 x 55.5cm – Year 2019


I particularly became more connected with John Lennon towards the latter years of his life. Looking at his journey through music and the public perception of his personal life, I felt that he was constantly on a search for truth.

As he grew through his musicianship so did he as being internally/spiritually. Finding the reference image to draw from was quite an extensive search. Over 500 images I searched and studied through. I was immediately taken by one of the photographs shot by photographer Bob Gruen.

The expression captured resonated most with me and it was an expression I felt depicted the essence of his personality as well as his intent to spread peace and love through his artistry.

It was truly a joy to spend over 215 hours drawing a man who gave a lot through his music and also through his acts which branded him as a “Man of Peace”.



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