Medium: Graphite, charcoal & black coloured pencil on archival paper Size: 71 x 53cm Year: 2017


Connectivity, breath, perspiration, absorption are all elements of the human experience which enable us to thrive as well as survive in this physical world.  There is an involuntary intimacy we have with our immediate surroundings.

Without the use of cognitive thinking we are able to establish a memory which lies within the fibres of muscle tissues. With instinctual movement we as people adopt a pattern which becomes habitual in the way we live our lives. In this portrait my intentions were to depict sensual expression which prompts a feeling of intimacy with the viewer.

The gaze upon the subjects eyes, the depth of field with the out of focused shoulder and the warmth of the tonal palette encourages a feeling of contact without physical touch. A primordial state we feel when encountering another being.



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