The New Nose Study Module Is Finally Here!

In the middle of my biggest and public exhibition that took place the last couple of weeks in Oxford Street...

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Kelvin Okafor Art Academy: Module 3 – Nose Study

In the middle of my biggest and public exhibition that took place the last couple of weeks in Oxford Street on walls of the luxary store Flannels, I released my third tutorial academy course!

4 hours of drawing in real-timetime. From the very first marking on paper to the last finishing touch, I narrate the journey from start to finish on how I created a lifelike drawing of a nose.

There is also a transcript available for you to translate to your preferred languages.

The drawing tutorial will be broken down into 5 videos:

Video 1 (Introduction and Materials)
In this video I highlight all the materials I will be using in the drawing. I demonstrate how I create compressed charcoal shaving and how I apply it in my drawings.

Video 2 (Outlining)
In this video I show you how I create my proportions using freehand. I demonstrate and elaborate on the importance of the specified tools use to map out an outline – creating the foundation to build upon.

Video 3 (Background)
In this video I reveal my secret tool I use for creating and layering my backgrounds. When applying compressed charcoal onto the paper on using to draw, I use this secret tool to blend in the charcoal – creating an even layer to build upon. I also reveal to appliance I use to clean up dust deposits from the charcoal shavings used.

Video 4 (Layering)
In this portion of the drawing process I demonstrate how I build up layers creating lifelike tonal values. This part of my drawing process is the most important with achieving a photo-real depiction of a subject.

Video 5 (Details & Highlights)
In this last portion of the drawing process I finish working on the details of the nose. I go back to restructure certain shapes, tonal values and details.
In this stage of the process I highlight the drawing tools I use to achieve highlights within the drawing. I go back to certain areas of the drawing to remeasure proportions and fine-tune the balance light and reflection.

A high quality downloadable print with a signed Certificate of Authenticity will also accompany the print. You will have a lifetime access to the course video so you can watch at your own leisure.

I trust you’re going to love this one as I reveal many techniques including one of my biggest secret tricks!

Link to purchase tutorial: Nose Study

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