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Before I write any further I'm sending you all love and good energy during these...

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Medium: Graphite & Charcoal pencils on paper
Scale: 78.5 x 50cm

Before I write any further I’m sending you all love and good energy during these peculiar times. I hope you and yours are all keeping safe and well.

It marked 4 years on 21st April 2020 since the Legendary musician Prince Rogers Nelson died.
Prince was not only a genius musician who could create timeless musical masterpieces but was also an enlightened being who wasn’t afraid to express himself in a manner which defied society’s norm.

I connected so deeply on a spiritually level drawing Prince that I ended up doing something rather special. Something I wasn’t aware I was capable of. With thousands of reference images and video footages studied for hundreds of hours over the past year, I felt it was enough to attempt to open up the eyes of Prince without any photographic reference at hand whilst drawing. There was an intangible presence I felt surrounding me, almost as if the spirit of Prince was right there with me – guiding me along the way.

To date, I feel that this drawing has been my most emotionally imbued one yet. With over 300 hours of pencil to paper and countless hours of the initial study and research. This portrait has brought a tremendous degree of fulfilment and I deeply feel it has now transformed my ability as an artist to a whole new level.

This drawing is official available for purchase!
To inquire please contact: info@kelvinokaforart.com or reply to this email.

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