Melvin Is May Limited Edition Print

Melvin is the son of my mother's younger sister making him a first and very dear cousin...

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Melvin is the son of my mother’s younger sister making him a first and very dear cousin. He has lived most of his life in Nigeria, but has now returned to his birthplace in Queens, New York where he is studying at university.

Melvin is a die hard Manchester United Fan and loves to listen to Rap/HipHop. Although he is only 20, he is one of the wisest, intelligent and profound beings I have ever encountered. His nature is so pure, humble and caring. He is the oldest of two siblings and certainly leads by example.

I finished this drawing of him in January of this year during a visit just before he left for the States.

The original drawing as well as limited edition Fine Art Prints are now available for purchase from the Albemarle Gallery.

Each Fine Art Print is strictly limited to an edition size of 30 plus 5 artist proofs and has been inspected, hand-signed and numbered by me.

For more details and to order visit the PRINT page of my website.

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