Happy New Year

I hope you also feel optimistic and positive for "222"..!!!

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Happy New Year!!!

We are now 18 days into 2022. The two has been quite a rough ride for us all regarding the global pandemic but something feels really good about this year. I hope you also feel optimistic and positive for “222”..!!!

There is a lot in store for my art this year and I can’t wait to share it with you all! I would like to start my first newsletter of the year off with highlighting quite a special gifted young photographer by the name of Dexter McLean. The image you see of me above was a shot Dexter took in my home studio.

Dexter is a London-based photographer with cerebral palsy. He grew up in Jamaica and moved to the UK when he was nine. Dexter encountered several challenges with his disability growing up. His passion for photography became a tool for him to document his struggles and to challenge the way that mainstream media represents disability.

Dexter’s work focuses around representation of the black community as well as depicting the challenges disabled people face in contemporary society.

Dexter graduated from Middlesex University with a distinction grade MA after having completed a BA in Photography where he attained a First Class Honours. Dexter has also recently been awarded with the Hood Medal for the Royal Photographic Society in 2021.

From 17th March to 12th June 2022 Dexter will be having his debut solo exhibition ” Tower Avenue” at the Orlean House Gallery in Richmond, London. Please visit his website for more details – Dexter McLean

I feel very blessed to have been captured by this brillant young man. Below are a couple more shots Dexter captured of me.

I would like to thank Dexter’s agent Sally Vaughan and my dear friend Estelle Lovatt for bringing such a gifted being to my attention.

Sending you my very best wishes Dexter! I look forward to seeing your solo show in March!

As for you all, I would like to wish you a very blessed, healthy and peaceful 2022! Thank you for your continued support.

Much love x

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