Lips Study

Lips Study

In this module you’ll how to draw lips in a lifelike manner.




Video 1 (Introduction and Materials)

In this video I highlight all the materials I will be using in the drawing. I demonstrate how I create compressed charcoal shavings and how I apply it in my drawings. 

Video 2 (Outlining)

In this video I show you how I create my proportions using freehand. I demonstrate and elaborate on the importance of the specified tools use to map out an outline – creating the foundation to build upon.

Video 3 (Layering)

In this portion of the drawing process I demonstrate how I build up layers creating lifelike tonal values. This part of my drawing process is the most important with achieving a photo-real depiction of a subject.

Video 4 (Lips & Teeth Details)

In this stage of the drawing process, I demonstrate how I apply details to the lips and teeth. This part of the drawing process is what brings out the life in the subject. Slowly and meticulously I work into details creating forms and textures – creating the hyper-real effect.

Video 5 (Highlights & Finishing Touches)

In this last portion of the drawing process I  finish working on the details of the bottom lip and I also go back to restructure certain shapes, tonal values and details. 

In this stage of the process I highlight the drawing tools I use to achieve highlights within the drawing. I go back to certain areas of the drawing to remeasure proportions and fine-tune the balance light and reflection. 



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