Module 5: Ear Study

Learn how to draw a hyper realistic ear

“This is the beginning of a journey to learn the techniques developed and honed by award winning Kelvin Okafor starting right here, with learning how to draw hyper-realistic hair.”

The art course teaches students how to draw using methods including covering: perspective, shapes and shadows, pencil, use of charcoal and chalk to draw the human ear.

For only £197 this Academy Course provides over 3 hours of real-time video footage on how to draw the human ear.

Bonus Ear Print

“This is an excellent starting point for artists who want to take their drawings to the next level.”

Hyper Realistic Ear Drawing Course

Module 5: Ear Study
£ 197
  • Course Video Audio
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Bonus Print
  • Bonus Print Certificate of Authenticity
  • Lifetime Access

Complete the course and receive the Certificate of Authenticity.

Ear Module Print Certificate

Watch the start to finish time-lapse course video

Hyper Realistic Ear Time-Lapse Video
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This module provides over 3 hours of real-time drawing.

Kelvin Okafor with Pencil

What you will learn?

  • Understanding the materials/tools I use
  • Understanding proportions and shapes
  • Understanding how to draw using freehand
  • Understanding how to make outlines
  • Understanding how to apply the materials shown and used
  • Understanding tonal values/light and shades
  • Understanding how to blend charcoal and graphite
  • Understanding how to texturize skin

Academy courses deliver an in-depth, detailed video content of realism in drawing. They provide a foundation for you to develop your knowledge and enhance your skills.

From just one course you will become familiar with Kelvin’s artistic process and use it to guide and evolve your own art practice.

Please Note – Kelvin will regularly update the courses offered on The Academy. Each new course will focus on a different bodily or facial feature.

The techniques demonstrated are very in-depth and detailed that from just one course you should be able to understand the artist’s process and use it to evolve your art practice.

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