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Rochelle II – Evolution

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  1. Your works amazing, I don't know how you can possibly get that much detail in your work.
    As a fellow artist I'm curious as to what the white stuff is you use when adding marks in the hair?
    Also how long did it take to get to where you are skill wise?

  2. I'm assuming Kelvin is erasing, that's the white that you see in the hair. When I realized that my eraser is just as important as my pencil, my artwork went to a whole new level! I can't speak for Kelvin, but I use a Paper Mate 'Tuff Stuff' eraser stick, and cut the tip at an angle for more detailed erasing.

  3. I came here amazed as all of you by Kelvin's beautiful work, but also curious about that 'white stylograph pen' which I hope is an eraser. I haver been looking for something like that precisely to achieve detail in hair in my drawings. If any of you can give me more information I'd truly appreciate it.

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