Interlude Series

Maya's Interlude

Graphite, charcoal & black coloured pencil on archival paper 72 x 67 cm


A drawing which pretty much changed the course of Kelvin Okafor’s journey through life.
Back in 2015 before Kelvin put pencil to paper to create this drawing, He reached a point in life where he began to live more inwardly. His primary goal was to align internally with the present moment so that nothing he did moving forward was ever a means to an end.
Although sensitivity has always been second nature for Kelvin, he had always lived waiting for the next moment and nostalgically wallowing in the past. Becoming more consciously aware of life’s happenings, an opening was formed where Kelvin could appreciate the rhythm of the moment. He began to notice that everything was in sync and flows majestically with each breath he took.

This drawing is titled Maya’s Interlude and was what subsequently led to building my series “Interludes”.

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