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Melvin – Evolution

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  1. He llegado tu blog a traves de "Volando entre libelulas" , no podia dejar de visitarte al saber de tu trabajo, estoy fascinada por tu talento, tu arte y volvere a visitarte , te sigo y te felicito!!!!
    un abrazo

  2. Hi! I love all your works , but this is absolutly amazing!!! It isn't Hyper-realistic only, but is also 3D !! Thanks for this tutorial and especially for let us see how to draw skin!!!
    You're a gorgeous artist , I can't wait to see your next work!!!
    Have a good time, thanks from Italy!!!

  3. So wonderful work, it's amazing!
    Love to see the process of the drawings.
    I dont know if you've written it some where on this page, but it would be very helpful to know what equipment you use. What, for example, is the white thing you use, is it eraser, white pencil or pen…?

  4. seus desenhos sao brilhantes ,tambem desenho sou auto didata nao sei nada de tecnicas nem tenho condi├žoes de comprar material adequado,como papel fabriano mas uma coisa tenho de sobra e posso me orgulhar e┬┤for├ža de vontade e determina├žao quem sabe um dia eu possa atingir o messmo nive┬┤l que vo├že ,um abra├žo kelvin e fique com deus .

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