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  1. Just saw the piece on BBC news, so had to look you up. I used to think I was good with a pencil and a face to draw, but holy cow, you make me look like a positive amateur.

    You have a great talent – kudos to you.

  2. I adore your work . I like the way you work with shadows and highlights bringing brilliance to the dark. Your art amazes me. I wish you all great things and thank you for sharing your work. Lyn

  3. Abolutely amazing. You have a great talent. If only everyone can find their inner talent the world would be an amazing place (well, even more amazing than it is!).

  4. And well done on the Cork Street award Kelvin, I'm sure this will be the start of many, many more awards and accolades that will be coming your way….keep believing in yourself and your God given talents will speak for themselves….

  5. Its so weird I had been really getting into photo realism recently and I came home and you were on the news! I had to look you up and commend you; you're so talented and gifted.
    Congratulations on your success and thank you for the step by step images, they are very insightful.
    Good luck in the future, not that you need it!

  6. Dude, the 20th image amazed me. You have drawn mana's hair so life like that I thought it actually WAS hair on your pad?? Your art is the best thing out this year by far!

  7. Kelvin, your fame is spreading. I'm sitting here in Texas absolutely in AWE of your talent. Your sketches are breathtaking. So glad you're sharing your talent with the world. Maybe someday I can afford one of your masterpieces! -Kristin Cope

  8. So finally someone appears who is actually doing soemthing that resembles real life. Discussing your cover picture and knowing it was such a skillfully produced pencil drawing literally drew us into the picture. Had we thought it just a photo then we wouldn't have paid as much attention to it, but the realisation it was done in pencil awed us. Amazing.

  9. You have set the bar young man, I have been drawing seriously for about 3yrs and am 47 next week. I was beginning to think I wasn't half bad (pencil being my favoured medium at the moment) but now having seen a little of your work I realise I have to step it up.

    Congratulations on your awards in London

  10. Ciao Kelvin,
    i tuoi lavori sono davvero fantastici! Hai veramente un gran talento!
    Se tu avessi voglia di fare un giro nel mio blog io ne sarei più che onorata. Mi trovi già fra i tuoi followers come "perlArte".
    Ti auguro una buona giornata e complimenti ancora.


  11. Hi I am really hoping you can get back to me on this!
    First of all your work is amazing. Second of all, I notice in some of the steps you are filling the bangs with a black. Then I start seeing the highlights in the next picture. Are you using a white pencil? eraser? to achieve this look?

    Thank you!

  12. This is excellence,
    My Little boy already sees you as a model.
    Kelvin please, is there any way i could get in touch with you?

    I will appreciate your response.


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