Heath Ledger

Medium: Pencil on paper, Size: 42 x 59.5cm, Duration: 650 hours, Year: 2021


Heath Ledger was Academy Award-winning, Australian actor. He was one of my favourite actors when I drew my portrait of him back in 2011. Till this day he stills remains one my all-time favourites. He wasn’t just an actor to me, he was an artist.


He played a full range characters in his acting career. One of the characters that stood out most to me was his portrayal of DC comic villain the Joker. Heath described the character Joker as “psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy”, but behind his eyes told a different story. His eyes intrigued me and inspired me to get to know who he really was through a portrait drawing – as my drawings always tells me deeper story of who I’m capturing in that moment.


My drawing of Heath Ledger was the first drawing of mine to be exhibited in prestigious gallery. In 2012 my drawing of Heath was exhibited at the Threadneedle Prize and I was one of the youngest artist exhibiting in the open exhibition. The drawing later featured on BBC News the following year and sold to a collector at a museum art fair in Chester, UK. 

Permanent Collection – Portcullis House, Parliament, UK



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