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From the very core of my heart, I want thank you all for following my journey over the past year...

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I turned 31 last week and what an awesome birthday treat it was to see my drawings posted on the CNN website!

They contacted me a couple of weeks ago expressing interest in my latest series Interludes. I later had an interview over the phone with a freelance journalist from the CNN named Nosmot Gbadamosi. And by Monday 7th November, an article on me and my art was published.

Click the image above or this link to see the full article: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/11/07/arts/photo-realistic-portraits-kelvin-okafor/index.html

This world really does fascinate me with how things manifest and come to fruition. I honestly do believe that something magical and indescribable happens when we choose to act on our passions and dreams. I hope that many of you here reading this are already courageously doing so too. And I pray that all of your hard work – all of your hopes and dreams actualise with perfect timing.

Much love!

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